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We can do nothing without the presence of GOD, without his guidance and holiness all of our sacrifices will be wasted, so before you made any decisions or make a move for your goals, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you".

Good thing because for those believers and Churchgoers, most especially to all teenage and even other person looking for a place to print, and download Lyrics with Chords of their favorite Christian Songs, Worship Songs etc. then you can visit Worship Christian Songs (Lyrics and Chords).

Visit Worship Christian Songs Lyrics and Chords Now!

What is cool about this Song Book site for Christian Songs Lyrics and Chords is that they organize the song by letter and you will see it on the sidebar section if you are using your PC/Laptop/MAC, and of course if you are an Android/iPhone or any other smartphone then you might see it below just scroll down.

Can I Print This Page or Download The Songs?

Well here is the thing about this website, you cannot just copy and paste the lyrics, but Yes you can Print it directly to your printer to get a copy of your favorite Christian or Worship Songs, and more to that is you can download it via PDF, or even forward it to your email, you will that option below the title or before the lyrics of the songs.

They also allow song requests, and you can visit Worship Christian Songs Facebook Page which currently reaches almost 42,000 likes, and it has 600 plus of Worship and Christian Songs and soon it will reach more of the current count of Lyrics and Chords songs.

If you are also looking for a specific song that is not appeared on their website you can actually do that by contacting them, there are other apps that is most popular like Ultimata-Guitar, and more, but if you simply want a local chords for practice and this is best for you, now if you are using a desktop computer you will notice a word "Browse Song By Letter", just simply click the specific letter you want then all of the list started with that letter will appear, there is also a category where you can search a song per artist.

What Type of Songs They Posted?

They mostly posted English Song, Bisaya and Tagalog or Filipino (which is by the way a known language in the Philippines), though that site is simple but I must say this is good place for you to look for a magical song praise and worship to our dear "LORD JESUS CHRIST".

Take note that any functionality appeared on that website is controlled by its website admin so its best to contact them by reaching them via comment, or reach them from their social media platform.

For a guitarist like me who also love's music and play a song for GOD, this kind of idea is good to me, why? because you can easily follow the chords in that specific song, it is also best if you have your own PC so that while playing you can practice that song with chords without any problem, now if you want to play or use it offline then just simply take a screenshot then save it to your smartphone so you can get an access to it anytime anywhere you want.

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