How To Buy Cheap Domain and Pay Using GCash In Easy Way | Kazukiyan Tutorial

How to buy cheap domain or cheap domain name to buy with promo is the most popular thing being ask by many individuals who wanted to start making their own website whether it is for business or for blog, now, if you are looking for the most affordable domain name with a .com extension then this guide is for you as we are going to give you a cool tips how you can get your amazing domain name, to be honest this domain we bought it for only 260 pesos or $4.64 for 1 year.

Yes! you heard it right, so if you wanted to learn how we avail this promo will stay tune as we are going to teach you how you can purchase in cheapest price, also we will give you a quick guide on buying domains using only your GCash.

Steps On How To Buy Cheap Domain Promo Step By Step

This guide is base on our experience when we first planning to build our website and started to have our official blog for KAZUKIYAN, and this is the perfect time to share it with you guys as we also want you to experience this since it is really cheap and you can totally get a .COM extension for affordable price.

Below is the steps on how we do the things to get this domain:

Step 1: Use Fresh Email

If you are an existing customer of a popular domain provided like GoDaddy or then we suggest you to use a non-registered email to this both domain provider, since this is only works for new customer of this domain provided, well, if you still want to use your main email, you can do that later on by transferring your domain to your main account, this time you only use that new email to avail the promo.

Step 2: Go To Domain Provider

Go to google chrome and ensure your fresh Gmail account is already log in, that way it is easy for you to register, in a search bar just type "promo domain buy" or "cheap domain name buy", for GoDaddy you will see a result something like this below.

You will see above the first 2 result which is the Name Cheap or GoDaddy, I suggest you choose GoDaddy but you can try the other result, take note that you might get different result on your end but you will totally see this kind of cheap promo, see that price its only 260 pesos or around $4.64 which is really cool.

Step 3: Click the Promo You Want to Avail (GoDaddy for example)

Once you click that one register the fresh email, and use it to signup to go daddy, but first search your desired domain name, and then proceed to checkout, just skip the other addons and proceed checkout, from their you will ask to input details, Note that GoDaddy might choose more than 1 year like 2 years or so, just change that to 1 year and you will see an instant promo they offer you will see that the promo code is auto filled on the promo code input field.

Watch The Video Guide OF Purchasing Domain Cheap Promo Buy Tips

In this video below, you will see that I already login my Gmail (Take Note that the email I use here is already registed in Godaddy, so use a fresh or not registered yet email to avail the cheap price promo of the domain name you want.) I just simply go to google chrome then type that keyword on search bar, and I choose the Godaddy.

Step4: Pay Using Gcash in Easy Way

There are so many problems in purchasing domain name, especially outside the US, they can't buy using PayPal and worse Gcash Payment to buy domain in GoDaddy is not working, so here is the tips below.

How To Pay or Buy Domain Using My GCash?

  1. Go to your GCash App open it, then navigate to PROFILE below top right bottom corner, you will see a menu that says My Linked Accounts.
  2. Once you see that, just tap and you will redirected to new page menu of the app, then again tap the American Express Virtual Pay
  3. You might wondering why this one, if you have a physical card, well to be honest we tested that and it is declined which means its not working at the moment, so this AMERICAN EXPRESS VIRTUA PAY is the solution. (Note that you need to have at least 100 pesos and up to your GCash account to view this virtual card).
  4. After you tap, you will see the Card No. / Date expired of Card, your Name, now for the Security code you need to tap the button below that says GET NEW CODE, and GCash will send it to your Mobile Number.
  5. Input all the information from GCash Virtual Pay card and you are good to go.
  6. Congratulations! you successfully purchase the domain and avail the amazing cheap price.

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