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Google Drive Storage is one of the most popular cloud storage to store your important files such as Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, and many more as long as the files are in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Google and do not try to use it in an unethical way.

As a blogger, you should always consider the importance of having a good quality of image being embedded on your blog or any kind of website that uses image to attract more of their visitors, and one of the main problems of a newbie blogger of any Blog platform such as the WordPress is the size of the image, because as we all know that the higher quality of the image the higher the size it will be which will use up your hosting most especially to those blogger who only use shared hosting.

The best example of that is when you are trying to store crack or other malicious files then you breach the policy of GDrive, as long as you use it for educational or work purposes then no problem because it has a 15GB of Free Storage which is very cool. most especially for those individuals who wanted to store their photos for memories and don’t have any physical storage such as a flash drive or External Drive, well, this is the solution for that.

Requirement On Using Google Drive Storage

It's pretty simple you only need to create a Gmail Account for you to be able to get access to this free cloud storage, take note that you will be using the 15GB free storage for all the platform of Google such as Gmail for your email, Google Docs, and many more.

It means that every time you have a new email it will get an amount of storage from your Google Drive, as long as you have your email you can use all the tools offered by Google.

How To Embed Photos to Any Site Like HTML or WordPress Platform?

Since we mentioned already that Google Drive can store any files and access them anywhere or wherever you are, the other thing we can do is to upload an image and use it to your websites.

Why It’s Good To Embed Photo from Google Drive?

Well, there is no perfect explanation about this but for a blogger or content writer like us having a hosting plan is an essential part of your website wherein all the resources such as music, image, or video that you store will be placed in your hosting unless you have some alternative way to do it.

Many bloggers especially new bloggers or website owner doesn’t know how to save their hosting storage, because in the long run you will face an issue wherein you need to upgrade your hosting because of some capacity limit storage of your plan, which is of-course very pricey and the solution we can give you is by using the Google Drive as your secondary Tools for storing photos and display it to your website without even uploading it on your hosting. Sounds Good Right? So, how to do it? Very Easy Just Continue Reading.

Pros: Save storage for high-quality images.
Cons: Don’t have an assurance that the image is safe because Google can remove it anytime they want if they feel you’re violating the service of this tool, but as long as you follow the rules then no problem at all.

So in this tutorial, we will guide you on how you can actually insert the uploaded image from Google Drive to your website using only a simple HTML code which is very easy to do, so below will be the step by step guide on how you can actually do it.

NOTE: We’ve been using Google Drive as Image Storage for some of our blog posts and it’s been 4 years but still no problem, this is base on our experience. But, if you earn on your blog or business site, I suggest that you invest decent hosting plan, this is just an alternative way to help those small bloggers and new website owners that have a low budget for now.

How To Embed Photos in Google Drive to WordPress/HTML Step by Step Guide
Time needed: 2 minutes.

Embed your photos to any website like WordPress, Blogger, or any HTML web platform, just follow the step guide below and you are good to go.

Step1 : Login Gmail

Open a Google Chrome browser or any browser you have, then go to Google Drive and login using your Gmail account, if you don’t have account just signup first then proceed to 2nd step.

Step2 : Upload Photo & Get the Image ID

Now, once you are done creating your account, upload a photo on Google Drive and RIGHT-CLICK the image, then you will see a link that says Change to anyone with the link click that one and then copy the link (see screenshot provided)

Upload Photo & Get the Image ID
The Screenshot provided here and the website is also own by Us
but we merge it all here on our official website

Step3 : Blogger Embed

If you are using a blogger platform then it is very easy to embed just go to create a post and then at the top, you will see an IMAGE ICON then a dropdown will appear, just click the option that says By URL then a modal form will appear, paste the link you copied from the Google Drive then hit save.

Step4 : WordPress Embed: Get the Image ID

Say you have a link that looks like this:
basically what we want on this link is the ID which is highlighted as above on the link provided here, so the Final Image ID from your Google Drive you want to embed would be like this 1sKhxd9qmOeXhRmTzhSvkqziK_kIT9R_h (Yours might be different since we are just showing you examples, Google Drive will generate different ID of your photo)

As we all know that WordPress rolling a new type of Editing tool which is called blocks so if you wanted to do it in the classic type you can still do that basically do a basic HTML image code embed.

Step5 : Arrange Image ID and Put on WordPress

Since we already get the link we should do it like this below;
Take Note the ID we get is this: 1sKhxd9qmOeXhRmTzhSvkqziK_kIT9R_h
(i){id here}
Final Output for HTML code:
Final Output with HTML:
<img src="">
Final Link to Embed in WordPress:
For WordPress just Copy the link you created manually and select the Image Block from the editor and choose INSERT FROM URL then paste the link you have similar to what we do on our example here.

How To Embed Images on WordPress, Blogger, or Any HTML Platform Using Google Drive | Kazukiyan Tutorial

So that’s it, you now know how to embed any photos from Google Drive to WordPress, Blogger, or any HTML platform, you can watch your video on how to do it which is also created by Kazukiyan Official Our YouTube Channel, cheers! and hope this tutorial helps.

If you have any clarification regarding this article just leave a comment or reach us/contact us on any of our social media platforms or basically email us, this will help you save more storage from your hosting, if you run out of google backup photos, the simplest solution for that is create another Gmail account and then start doing an image backup and sync it, especially if that photo is important to you such as memories or just an image for the blog.

There is other Cloud storage that is the alternative to Google Drive Storage such as Mediafire, One Drive, etc. but I find it very easy to use and reliable here in GDrive.

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