How To View .HEIC Image File From Your Windows or Convert It Into PNG, JPG or WEBP Format

With the increasing popularity of Apple products, many people have started to encounter HEIC files on their Windows computers. However, unlike JPEG files, HEIC files cannot be opened by default on Windows devices. This can be a frustrating experience for users who are used to working with JPEG files. Fortunately, there are several ways to open HEIC files on Windows. One of the easiest ways is to use a free online converter, which can quickly convert HEIC files to JPEG files. Another option is to install a third-party application that can read HEIC files, such as the Microsoft HEIF Image Extensions app.

Want To View It Using Your Windows PC? Here's How You Can View .HEIC images

If you have an iPhone and want to view its images on your Windows PC, the most popular solution you can use to view images with an extension of .heic without any problems is provided below.

Intall Apps in Windows Microsoft App Store

  1. Locate Microsoft App Store - You should open first the app store from your windows PC, simply click the windows logo in your keyboard or click the windows logo from your PC screen at the bottom left corner (See screenshot) you can also click the search icon near the windows logo and type ""

  2. One you see an input field just type "Store" and you will see a result similar to this screenshot below, just click that to open the Microsoft App Store.

  3. You will see a search from from the App store, just type "heic image viewer" then hit enter from your keyboard you will see a result similar below.

  4. Just install any of that 2 result or you can test each of that apps, both is working fine "HEIC Image Viewer - open png, jpg and more" or "HEIC Image Viewer, Converter" if you just wanted to view an HEIC image file then that is what you need, another thing is that if you want to convert it to other image format then this app needs an upgrade so you can use the pro version, but again we have solutio to that one as well, continue reading if you want to learn.

HEIC is the common Photo Files of iPhone and iPad

If you are a Windows user who regularly receives HEIC files, it may be worth considering converting them to JPEG files for compatibility reasons. Converting HEIC files to JPEG files is a straightforward process and can be done using a variety of methods. One popular option is to use an online converter, which can quickly and easily convert HEIC files to JPEG files. Another option is to use specialized software that can handle HEIC files, such as the free HEIC to JPEG converter from iMazing. Converting HEIC files to JPEG files is an important step in ensuring that your files can be opened and shared with others, regardless of the device or operating system they are using.

When it comes to taking photos on an iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed that the resulting files are saved as HEIC files. This file format, which stands for High Efficiency Image Container, is an updated variant of the High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) that Apple has been using for its mobile devices. The HEIC format has several advantages over older formats like JPEG, including better image quality and smaller file sizes. This means that your photos take up less space on your device, and you can save more of them without running out of storage.

How To Convert .HEIC Image file to PNG, JPG or WEBP format?

There are many ways to convert your .HEIC image file to any file extension you want, but in this case, we are going to use an online converting tool which is a great tool to convert your photos from your iPhone to any file format you want.

Steps to Convert Your .HEIC Into Any File Image format

  1. Just  Open your browser and directly type you will see a landing similar to the screenshot provided below.

  2. At the menu section just click Tools>Image Converter (see screenshot below)

  3. Next you will see a page similar to the sceenshot below, just click SELECT FILE to select your HEIC image.

  4. One your done selecting your Image HEIC format you will see similar to this one below, take note click the Empty dropdown and select a format you want to convert.

  5. Once your done clicking that dropdown you will see different image format, just choose what image format you want to convert, mostly the common format is JPG, PNG, and or WEBP since this is the most common image file in Windows or Android.

  6. When your ready to start just click the CONVERT button and the tools wil start to convert your image, then you can now download your newly converted image file from HEIC to PNG, WEBP, JPG, and more.

  7. Once the conversion is done you can now click the green button which says "Download" to get your converted image file, congratulations you now know how to convert your HEIC image file in easy an simple way.

The HEIC format achieves these benefits through the use of advanced compression algorithms, which can significantly reduce the size of an image file without sacrificing image quality. HEIC files also support advanced features like transparency and alpha channels, which can be useful for editing and compositing images. However, one downside of the HEIC format is that it is not universally supported on all devices and platforms. This means that if you want to share your HEIC photos with someone who is using a device that does not support the format, you may need to convert them to a more widely recognized format like JPEG. Despite this limitation, the HEIC format is a powerful tool for capturing and storing high-quality images on your mobile device.

NOTE: The tools we use here are limited and will reset every day, you are only allowed to convert 10 images every day, but I think its fair enough considering that this tool is so useful and powerful, if you want to convert more images you can check their pricing, cheers! 

You made it this far, and we are thankful that you read our Tutorial about how you can convert your HEIC, thanks to PH Dictories, if you want to learn more tips and tricks don't forget to bookmark our website and enjoy reading our interesting blog article cheers!

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