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Hungry Hearts Diner Neo is a game that will surely be loved by those looking for "the best restaurant game" for your Android Devices. Yes! this is a classic style story game in which the main story is about an old woman with a loyal employee who is willing to help her improve the diner.

First, you are going to open the diner dated 1970 in the middle of a peaceful place in Tokyo, what I like about this game is that you can truly interact with the customer and there is a conversation with them that you can read so you can analyze how to improve the diner base on the conversation.

Another thing is that you can level up the dishes by simply cooking the dish repeatedly and serving them to your incoming customer, you can upgrade the diner, add tables, and more.

Ads Concern About Hungry Hearts Diner Neo?

I know, I know! this is what you are thinking about when playing this restaurant game, well to be honest there are no automatic ads that will be playing here, yes there is none, you can totally enjoy the game without problems, but there is a radio that will notify you and if you tap on it, you will gain fast customer and serving, in return to that you just need to watch video ads (sounds good right?), I said that because that is optional as well since you can ignore the notification and focus on your progress and gain more coins to upgrade your restaurant.

The developer earns money by monetizing upgrades such as fast serve etc you can see that in the video gameplay here.

Where To Download Hungry Heart Diner Neo?

Hungry Heart Diner Neo is available in Google Play Store, so just install that game if you have your Wifi ready or you can get the "hungry heart diner neo apk" so you can install it manually, take note that you should only download the apk to a trusted website, but I highly recommend to install it using the Google Play Store app just to be safe.

About Hungry Hearts Diner Neo:

Offered By: GAGEX Co.,Ltd.
Android Version Needed: Android 6.0 and up
File Size: Around: 134. MB

Tips About This Game So You Can Upgrade Restaurant Fast

  1. When there is a customer eating, you can keep tapping her or him so he can finish eating faster.
  2. Check the requirement of the food to level up, for example, if the food has 3/4 means that you need to cook it 1 more time so that it can be upgraded.
  3. To Unlock another recipe there are specific requirements to meet, let's say the NORI food required a level 3 Rice Ball to unlock, and so on.
  4. You can see a map of customers you already unlock and are soon to be unlocked.
So far I like the concept of the game, because of the fact that they made it an anime type of game, so for those anime lovers this game is for you. If you want other versions of it, you can try Hungry Hearts Diner 2.

Difference Between Hungry Hearts Diner Neo and Hungry Hearts Diner 2

The difference can be seen totally if you play both games, and that is in  (1) Diner 2—the only person that serves in the restaurant is the old woman, but in (2) Diner Neo—The old woman has a girl employee that helps here wash dishes.

For me, I think you should try first the Diner 2 before the Hungry games so you can differentiate which one is best for you, but for me, I choose Hungry Hearts Neo as it has a helper and you can focus on cooking while the girl is washing the dishes.

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