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My Hotpot Story is a restaurant game that you can enjoy, yes! it is more similar to what we posted here called Hungry Hearts Diner Neo so if you haven't seen it make sure you check that article. But for now, let's talk about this cool Japanese game that I have until now (while writing this article) still playing the game, it is so relaxing especially if you feel stressed or bored then this game is for you.

When you first played the game you will start with the basic equipment and also some introduction recipe that you are going to serve to your customer. take note that there are 2 game currencies here the so-called GEMS and the money or dollar.

My Hotpot Story Gift Codes

I know you are wondering what are these GIFT CODES, well to make things easy to understand — it is an Exchange Code that you can use to get GEMS since I mentioned above that gems is one of the currencies of the game.

So if you input the Gift Codes or Exchange Codes to the game you will receive gems that you can use to improve your restaurant, so below is some of the lists.
  • Hotpot (You will get 30 Gems or Diamonds)
  • Food (You will get 50 Gems or Diamonds)
Note: We will update the gift codes above if it is available, so far that is the working exchange code, take note also that the gift code might expire since it is set to a limited time only.

How To Input Gift Codes or Exchange Codes?

When you open the game just simply tap the red book icon at the top right corner that is above the loudspeaker icon. Input the Exchange Code or Gift code then tap the CLAIM button and that's it.

The Gems or Diamonds are used to get:
  1. Energy - is important here because there is a mini-game where energy is essential, energy is also used to get ingredients like Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy, and Salty.
  2. Money or Dollar - use to buy bait for fishing on mini-game, upgrade tables, kitchen, increase the rating star of the food, and more.
  3. Items - Yes you can use gems to buy items you need such as Flavor and Yummy Cookie.
  4. Double The Reward - Every time you open the game you will harvest money and the game will offer you if you want to double the rewards using GEMS or diamonds.

Gift From Cat

Inside your restaurant, you will see a CAT STATUE in a HALL that will light up in a gold color every time a specific goal is met, so when you see that CAT light up just tap it to receive the ingredients in which you are going to use to craft or develop a new recipe.

You can also tap the cat even if it's not light up, from there you will get random rewards, as well as progress below that, says, TABLES SERVED so if you see a number on that say 4/26 — that means you have 22 more served to complete to get more rewards (The progress will increase once a customer is done eating and pay you, you will see a dollar sign on a table which you need to tap, but if you have a Cashier it will automatically do the job for you.

How Do I Install My Hotpot Story?

It is free to install at the Google Play Store just open the play store app and search for the game, you can also get My Hotpot Story APK game to any reliable source just search for it (soon we will list more trusted sites to get MOD APK or APK Pure).

Always remember that when you install a game manually using the APK or MOD APK make sure that is trusted because it might harm your smartphone so be careful, that is why I highly recommend you install the game on Google Play Store since that is the official game store for Android.

About My Hotpot Story:

Offered By: 零下七度
Android Version Needed: Android 5.1 and up
File Size: Around: 294.1 MB
Released on: Sep 20, 2022

Tips About This Game So You Can Maximize Your Restaurant

  1. Just always check the task in the left-hand corner, if you can't complete the task on the left-hand corner, just tap your badge rank at the top left corner.
  2. Always check the NEXT LEVEL REQUIREMENT you can see that by tapping your level badge in the top left-hand corner.
    • Facility Rating: You need to upgrade your facilities such as chairs, decorations, floors, TV, and more.
    • Service Rating:  You need to hire or train more staff, such as chefs, cashiers, waiters, and more.
    • Food Rating:  You need to upgrade your dish by clicking or tapping the MENU below the screens (it looks like a checklist icon), and from there you will see different types of dish Broth, Good, & Garnish. just tap the specific food and you will see an UPGRADE button (by upgrading you need a dollar money).
  3. When you reach a rank level BRONZE you can play a mini-game, you can see that on the right-hand side corner of the game screen, there is a soccer mini-game and fishing mini-game.
    • Fishing Mini-Game: You will earn rewards here to purchase recipes, but you can only play the game if you have bait, so you need to buy it under the tab EARN BAIT, you will use Dollar money here.
    • Soccer Mini-Game (Event Not Available): It is more like a temple run in which your character will run in a long field and try to avoid the obstacles while running you can get a BOOK, Gems, and Dollar here, the BOOK is use to upgrade your STAFF, so make sure you play this mini-game daily, every day you will gain 3 free attempts and after that, once you used up your free attempts you need to use the ENERGY.
  4. Your staff will display a bubble text above their head which shows an icon like fish etc, just keep tapping them and you will get random items.
  5. Use the Storage area by getting different ingredients such as Sour, Sweet Bitter, Spicy, and Salty, this will let you craft or develop BROTH food, just tap the plants above the screen (this is after you tap the STORAGE below the screen) then you will get ingredients just combine them but long-tapping the ingredients to the same ingredients this will upgrade to another recipe (anyway just read the tutorial introduction of the game you will learn that your self).
  6. The game will earn even if you leave the game but there is a specific time limit only, for example on MY HOTPOT STORY restaurant my offline earns will only let me earn for 8 hours after that I need to open the game to reset the limit and earn again, (You will earn Dollar and used it to upgrade your restaurant).

Types of Map To Unlock

  • VIP 1, VIP2, VIP3, and Buffet
Hopefully, this game will upgrade more, and add more content and event, so far that is my Tips, Reviews, and Feature of this game, I forgot also that this game doesn't have autoplay ads which are good, since the developer can earn money via buying Diamonds so it makes sense.

What Soccer Mini-Game Can't Be Played?

If you are a new player of this game and wondering why you can't play the Soccer Mini-Game anymore, it is because the event is already done, those who played the game surely got lots of rewards especially the book that is use to upgrade your staff.

During the availability of this mini-game you can get lots of rewards as we mention above, but what I always after is the book that you can use to increase the star ratings of your staff, to increase their speed in terms of services and other benefits. but let's see if the game will update more mini-game in the future, during this update here (December 27, 2022) the mini-game for soccer can't be played anymore so I am expecting a huge events and updates by the year 2022 probably in the mid month of January hopefully.

I am still enjoying playing the game, and I already unlock the THEATRE place, which is cool, I suggest you open your game daily to harvest the earnings and choose double earnings by paying 10 Gems, because everyday you can get 20 gems if I am correct, and also you can get more by simply watching ads incase you want to get more gem rewards.

Another thing is that try to play around 30 minutes to activate the cat and get recipe and again double the reward, and use up your energy every time you open the game.

My Hotpot Story Android Games Playable Offline?

If you are looking for an offline android games we have list and take reviews with guides how to play the game here in our website you can check the navigation above and fine the Games By Categories>Offline, that way you will see all the list of the offline game that is playable without using any data or WiFi connection.

Sad to say My Hotpot Story is Not Playable Offline - though whenever you go offline, the game will still run depends on your level. It will run for example 8 hours and then when you open it you can get the offline earnings from your restaurant, but playing it without internet will not work so if you are looking for Offline Android Game you can try our recommended game here at Android Games Metaverse.

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