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Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks Guide

VSCode or Visual Studio Code is a programming tool that allows programmers to make a web application using this very convenient tool and you can basically maximize your project with ease.

It also allows users to install extensions for specific projects so here we are going to give you some amazing things to utilize the power of these tools, here we will provide you with a VSCode or Visual Studio Code Tips and tricks guide for you.

Tips #1: How To Comment Code Block in VSCode?

For windows users you just do the following:
Single line comment: press CTRL + / (basically highlight the block of code then press the Control on the Keyboard, long press it then at the same time press forward slash).
Multiple line comment: press SHIFT + ALT + A (the same scenario above Highlight first the block of code you want to comment out then just press the SHIFT on your keyboard long press it while you press the ALT key and the letter A, that way you can use the multiple blocks in code).

Tips #2: Shortcuts To Find File in my Laravel Project Using VSCode?

This kind of strategy is not really common to developers but for some reason, it is very helpful specially to a new developer who is not yet familiar with the environment of LARAVEL, so if you are looking for a specific file like VIEWS, Controller, or any particular file inside the laravel jut use the shortcut keyboard below to look for a specific file inside your laravel project.

Just Press CTRL + P - that way a search bar will appear on VSCode then just simply type-in the file you are looking for.

VSCode is good for making big projects using some programming languages such as LARAVEL,  JS, CSS, Codeigniter, and many more. What is also good about this program is that it has a built-in terminal that looks like CMD to run Laravel PHP artisan syntax.

In terms of layout and view, this one also has a lot of features and you can adjust the layout base on your preference so you can complete your project without any problem.

This article will be updated from time to time once we have new tips and tricks so stay tuned.

Tips #3: Best Plugins You Can Use To Boost Your Productivity Using VS Code

Choosing the best plugin in Visual Code Studio is never been easy, and there are thousands of plugins out there that you don’t know if this is best or might slow your computer, so here we have chosen some most tested and will also help you improve your productivity and make you life easy in building your projects.

Live Server

This plugin allows use to run project without having local server like Xampp or Wampp, just run the JavaScript file, CSS or PHP file using this plugin will able you to run the project instantly, and every time you make changes and save it it will automatically reflect to the live server without even refreshing the browser.

Live Server PLugin Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks Complete Guide Kazukiyan

Prettier Code Formatter

Tailwind and other CSS code you have in your file or even html is important in your development, and arranging the format of your code will cost you so much time, and will slow down your productivity, luckily this plugin in VS Code solves the problem. Every time you save something from your project this plugin will auto arrange the code whether it is CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and more.

Prettier Code Formatter PLugin Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks Complete Guide Kazukiyan

Tabnine AI Autocomplete

This plugin really helps you a lot, especially if you have previous code that you want to use, then this is the best plugin for you, aside from helping you making suggestion for you incoming code, it will also gives you autocomplete code in function or in class or any crucial functionality such as JavaScript, PHP and more, so you need not to remember anything this will give you suggestion to any previous code you had, while typing even your not yet done there is a suggestion that will ask you if that code is what your trying to achieve, and then you can hit tab to auto-complete your code, cool huh.

Tabnine AI Autocomplete PLugin Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks Complete Guide Kazukiyan

We will update this article more and also if you have anything to ask, please leave a comment below and we will do our best to improve this article, more guide of VS code soon here.

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