How To Install OBB Data for Android Games Quick Guide + With Mobile Legends Resources Tips

What's up another amazing tutorial and understand the importance of OBB data for your Android device, this article is to answer again for all Android gamers out there, this is very helpful especially if you want to install a game with a DATA file or OBB file included, you can get so many games such as APK to the APKPURE website, just ensure that you trust that website and you check if that website is reliable, so let's begin.

Steps On How To Install Data or OBB File

Installing OBB data is important, especially for those who don't have an internet connection but still wanted to play offline games that of course require OBB data to work properly, there are other apps that also need this file since this is the main resource of Android Apps or Games, like for example in Mobile Legends which you wanted to reset your phone but don't have enough data connection to redownload all the resources then this step will help you solve your problem.

Below are the steps on how you can actually get access to your private files, take note that you need to follow the steps correctly and that you know how to do it, or have at least advanced knowledge on touching such important files in your smartphone.

Disclaimer: We have tested this for many years and this works really fine with us, if you don't know what you're doing better ask any person who knows how to do this.

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  1. If you have the APK and DATA or OBB just download it and place it to your SD Card External Storage or Internal Storage.
  2. Locate the download files and install first the APK game
  3. Extract the DATA or OBB using popular apps such as root explorer.
  4. Copy the DATA by tapping long press to the extracted folder then move it to
  5. Copy the OBB using again the root explorer then tap and long-press the extracted OBB data file folder and move it to
    -Android/OBB (Note: If the OBB folder did not exist just create and paste the file inside that folder)
  6. Once completed, open the game and it should work now, cheers!

Having Problem? Well, we already prepared about that, which is why we have an actual recording video guide on how you do it properly make sure you watch the video below.


Questions: Paano i-install ang Android Game Data at OBB File?
  1. Kung may APK file ka at DATA or OBB na na-download ilagay mo lang ito sa loob nang iyong memory card or sa phone storage ng iyong android phone
  2. Hanapin sa Android Phone mo ang mga na download na file at unahin mong i-install ang APK.
  3. Kadalasan ang file ng DATA or OBB ay naka zip kaya mangyaring i-extract mo muna
  4. Tapos mo ma extract i-copy mo yung extracted folder ng DATA gamit ang root explorer, i-long press mo lang tapos copy then ilagay mo sa Android/data
  5. Tapos kung ang file mo is OBB, same process pa rin extract mo gamit ang root explorer, i-long press ang na extract na file, move mo sa Android/OBB (Kung halimbawa walang folder sa OBB mag create ka lang ng bago)
  6. Pag natapos mo lahat yan, maari mo nang i-run or i-open ang game sa iyong Android phone.

How To Create New Account in Mobile Legends Without Losing OBB Data Files Resources

Did you try to uninstall and re-install mobile legends, but it seems the old game still login when you open the game? Are you trying to create a new mobile legends account with a new email or Moontoon account? well, good things because this will be the best solution we have for you. 

The Process is still the same as what we have provided above but this time dedicated only for Mobile Legends, so that you know how to play this game from the start which feels like a fresh new game with a new account.

Take note that this tutorial is intended for those who have limited internet data connection and don't have WiFi at home, or are tired of re-downloading resources and wanted to start the game right away without experiencing any lag or some missing resources of the game, remember the circle hero when you start the game without OBB data? lol 🤣, I feel you so that is why this is best for you.

If yo have any questions regarding this guide please let us know, just follow the video we embed above and you are good to go.

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