How To Unblock Someone On Meta Facebook Messenger?

How To Unblock Someone On Messenger Tutorial by Kazukiyan

Messenger is one of the most popular messaging app for every Android and iOS users, now in most cases you might want to cover up your privacy or maybe you just wanted to avoid unwanted DM or direct message from stranger, that is the reason why me and you wanted to block someone.

Another thing I remember is that I do have friends which we have some argue which is the reason I blocked him, but then there is one time that we talk and settle things that is also the main reason why I am looking for solution on "How to unblock someone on messenger", so I started to do research but then some of the video is outdated since this article was posted year 2023 but the video posted was 2 years ago and as you know Meta Facebook keep updating their Messenger app which in that case the settings is change a little bit.

So now I am going to guide you how I did it, so please follow the steps I am going to provided here, if you have any clarification you can leave a comment or contact us using our contact us page.

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I assume that you already blocked someone of course since you obviously looking for a solution to unblock them, now if your asking if it is possible to block them via messenger or maybe unblock them via messenger without doing unfriend their account, then answer is YES!! the person will not receive any notification that you block them.

Steps How To Unblock Someone On Messenger

You can follow the process in the video tutorial we provided below or just follow the simply guide here, also you can do this using your smartphone whether it is Android or if you are iPhone users then tutorial will work.

Step 1: Open Messenger Settings

When you open your messenger, just tap the menu icon (the one with 3 lines at the top left corner of your messenger), then a menu will appear. once the new menu appear go to step 2.

Step 2: Tap Settings

The new menu will appear in the top right corner beside your name, just tap that settings icon then a new window will appear, just scroll down and look for Privacy & Safety menu.

Step 3: Privacy & Safety

When you click this menu you will see different options, the one you are looking for is Blocked Accounts or Restricted Accounts.

Click that two menu and find the person you wanted to unblock, then you are good to go.

Congrats!! you finally unblock someone on messenger, if you haven't do it right just watch this video below.

Below the "who can reach you" you will see this 3 menu option below:
  • Message delivery
  • Restricted Accounts
  • Blocked Accounts

Message Delivery

This menu will let you decide which of your friends or non-friends can send you a message in Facebook messenger.

Restricted Accounts

This menu will let you decide if you don't want any of your friends disturb you, and restrict them from messaging you, this is also the place where you see their messages if you add them here.

Blocked Accounts

This is the place of all the person you block from Meta Facebook/Messenger, and the place where you can also unblock them.

Additional Settings Inside Privacy & Safety on Messenger

There are other additional settings that might help you to secure your privacy, especially to some fraud strangers trying to DM you.

Active Status

This menu will let you decide if you don't want your friends know your online, you can turn on or off this feature.

Story Controls

When you click this feature you Meta will let you decide which of your friends can see your story, there are two option to choose Friends Only and Custom. You can also see more settings here like Hide Story from, Stories you've muted (Incase you mute someone's stories you will unmute it here).

That's it, if you have any questions regarding how you can secure your account please visit the Official Facebook Help Center to get additional information about how you can manage your privacy.

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