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MIR4 Tips And Tricks Best MMORPG - Kazukiyan Reviews Guide
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MIR4 Tips and Tricks is here to give you idea how this game works and why you should understand each class, Mir4 is a free MMORPG game which you can also earn, remembering that last year the play to earn games is very popular which is also one of the reason why this game is cool, aside from amazing graphics and story line, this game always provide updates to all players, even newbie, you can enjoy this game without spending money, but if you are competitive player then maybe that's the time you spend, but for a fun gamer like me playing it for chilling time is cool.

Hey, guys and welcome again to another topics about #MIR4, not long ago this game was released globally and it is now available also in Asia specially here in the Philippines, if you are one of the most avid gamers that enjoy playing MMORPG then this is one of the most popular game in todays generation.

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MIR4 Classes Tips and Tricks with Reviews by Kazukiyan Official YouTube Channel

What are the Available MIR4 Classes?

By the time we write this article the available class in this game MIR4 is Five (5) Classes and these are:

  1. Warrior
  2. Sorcerer
  3. Taoist
  4. Lancer
  5. Arbalist
If you are new to the game you might want to watch all the tutorial, quest, mystery and, request guide or walkthrough of this game to Kazukiyan Official YouTube channel wherein he uploaded videos about this game.

Now, lets get started on our tips about each of the classes, and let us see first the pros and cons of WARRIOR class then proceed to another class.

Warrior Class in MIR4


Warrior is one of the most common class in every MMORPG if you are one of the old gamers of MU Origin 2 then you have some knowledge that this class is tanky, but in this game MIR4 this class can sustain in a team fight especially in raid, boss raid, grind, quest, and expedition.

The only problem about this class is that it has a slight low damage output but has a pure defense ability, in most gamers they often choose to build their warrior character as pure damage so that it also has the ability to face pvp situation.

  • Tanky
  • Sustain in AFK mode
  • good in PVE and PVP
  • Best in Long game
  • Low Damage Output
  • Can easily be burst by Arbalist
Note: This is only base on our own experience and still I see most warriors have a good build and a good timing to cast skills in terms of PVP, if you love tanky class and can sustain long in a fight then this Warrior class is for you.

Sorcerer Class in MIR4


Sorcerer is always present in MMORPG and MIR4 is not exempted to that, one thing I like about this class is that it can easily clear all your daily quest, thanks to sorcerer's long range ability.

The only problem I see about this class is that the MANA consume, well it is pretty obvious since sorcerer is only depends on their skills ability so that they can have high damage output which is great, if spending copper for MANA is not a problem for you then this is the best class since it has the buff for defense, ice to slow and freeze enemies, and high area damage which is also one of the ability that I like on sorcerer.

  • High Damage Output
  • Good for PVE and PVP
  • Has a Buff for Defense
  • Mana Hunger
Taoist Class in MIR4


Taoist is a healer class and a support to team, it has the ability to heal teammate, and revive teammate when the ability is awaken, it also have some defense buff that can also be shared to Taoist teammate, this class is very important and demand in clan expedition, raid, and boss raid.

  • Can Heal Teammate (Heal you and your teammate slowly)
  • Can share Def Buff
  • Demand in Most Clan
  • Have an Instant Heal (Greater Heal)
  • Consider to be a close range and slight range class which is you need to be very careful, specially in PVP and war
In my own opinion I would prefer to use this class, because Taoist is demand in Clan, and also it has a heal ability which is good for me.

Lancer Class in MIR4


Lancer is a close range fighter that is said to be one of the OP class in MIR4, it has the debilitation ability, and can knock you down if Lancer has a huge debilitation success, and some skills that can silence enemies plus the ability to turn damage into HP, which means when the enemy attack you, and dealt damage just use the Absorption ability and your HP will restore depends on the level of your skills.

What I like about this class is that when you are surrounded by mobs his ability has a crowd control which is great, the only issue I encounter with this class is that it is slow in PVE, and can be burst by lower PS Arbalist, but still depends on your playstyle.

  • Debilitation Ability
  • Knockdown Ability
  • Life Leech Ability
  • Crowd Control
  • Can Defeat Warrior (lol) still depends on your play style
  • Can be burst by low PS Arbalist
  • Slow in completing Daily Quest
Arbalist Class in MIR4


Arbalist is the newest class released by MIR4, most of player wanted to Change Classs to this character because of its Burst Ability, Fast Attack, and can kill easily other class like Lancer or Warrior, but still depends on build and the way you control or play Arbalist.

Another good thing about Arbalist is that fast leveling because of his skills spread, the only problem I see about Arbalist is about his HP, so you need to be very careful when doing some quest on high level because the HP and defense of Arbalist is not that good, but damage is pretty good.

I have seen other player using Warrior and Lancer that has also A Change Class of Arbalist, in which they use it for AFK or leveling their character.

  • Burst Damage
  • Fast Level
  • Easy To Clear Daily Quest
  • Good in PVP (still depends on your opponent and your play style)
  • Invisible Ability to run away in case you are no match with your opponent or wanted to escape crowded mobs
  • Low defense


This is the new class released by WeMade and you can see that this has the ability to cast skills in powerful poison and curses, it is a new nightmare to the existing class, if you build this class correctly you will be unstoppable, check gameplay and skills ability on our YouTube (will post gameplay here).

If you know or tried this new class after the released you can get the free items given to new and existing player, they even gift existing player a ticket to change class and a temporary epic items.

How To Earn in This Game MIR4?

There are so many tutorials how you can earn this game, but let me summarize to you.
  • You can earn by farming Dark Steel and convert it to draco
  • You can earn by selling Equipment in the market, and purchase Darksteel then draco
  • You can also earn by having Draco and Septaria and exchange it into HYDRA
  • You can earn by selling your Character in NFT
  • You can Earn By Selling Equipment in XDraco
Note: all of this can only be unlock if your character is above level 40, and Selling your character requires high PS, good spirit, and more.

So that is all friends, if you have any question please leave a comment below, and don't forget to visit Kazukiyan Official YouTube Channel.

Our MIR4 Conclusion

Even though the game has a low rate in terms of reviews in Google Play Store, this game still one of the best so far, I tried playing other MMORPG even the newest version of MU Origin 3 can't beat this game in terms of interactive and play style experience is the best, this is because in MIR4 you can do JUMP, Air Jump, Dash, and more.

The downside of this game is that of-course if you are not a spender of the game expect that you can't really excel in this game and maybe it will take you time, but I suggest that if your a FREE to play gamer, then just enjoy the game, since this is free to play, or you can also buy NFT character if you want to be strong ahead your co-player but that would cost you a lot, and it is also worth it if you try the game from scratch so you know the story line, how to build, and more.

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