SEO for Beginners: Understand The Principle About What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important skills that every blogger or writer needs to have, aside from being in-demand skills in digital marketing this is one of the important keys to every successful company because people around the globe always looking for answers by the help of Search Engine and every website owner aiming to hit the first-page result of their website where the user is looking specific services they need.

  • What is SEO?
  • How SEO Works?
  • Best way to do SEO?

Basically SEO is used to make your business website visible on the net and if the expert knows how to do it properly your site will probably appear on the first-page result, and if that happens you will expect huge traffic coming to your site because most of the users who are looking for the answers will surely hit the result on the first page.

If you are running your own blog for a long time then you probably know the importance of SEO, if implemented properly your site will gain organic traffic comes from the users who are searching something interesting on the worldwide web.

There are two factors of SEO (1) White Hat SEO, and (2) Black Hat SEO, and we strongly recommend you to stay on White hat SEO if you are planning to stay alive on the SE in a long period of time most especially if you are planning to build your own business online.

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How to Start SEO for Beginners?

There are lots of courses for you to learn the basics of these skills, and one of the popular websites that have lots of video courses about SEO is UDEMY. But for a quick explanation about optimizing a website is the tools you are going to use and what kind of website you are going to optimize, or if the website is abiding the rules of Search Engine like Google.

Also, make sure that you know what niche you are going to write an article and that your site has a good user interface with a good result of website page speed.

3 Important Things for SEO

When you start optimizing your website or blog then you need these 3 things to securely do the correct process of SEO.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Build Quality Content and Avoid Content Plagiarism
  3. On-Page SEO
  4. Link Building
  5. Social Media Bookmarking
  6. Website Speed

Keyword Research - Before you start building your interesting content what you need to do is to start doing some “keyword research” which is also a good start so you know which keyword is right and what keyword is hard to reach, imagine yourself as a user and try to type in on search engine and see if that keyword is good or not, we have keyword tools that we are going to tackle about in this article so keep reading.

Build Quality Content - Search Engine like google love’s to see a blog with high-quality content, now after doing some research of keyword then it's time for you to build a content that will dominate and gain organic traffic on the internet, remember always that you need to keep on the right track and try not to copy others work or google and any other SE will penalize your website, so we listed some important files that you need to ensure you did not just copy it to another website.

    • Images - Having appealing images or photos will help you gain traffic or might attract users to view your content but make sure that you have full rights to use it to avoid any copyright issues against your website there are lots of possible ways to have your own images by simply capturing the photo using your own camera or find a website which allows you to use an image freely with CC0 on it such as Pixabay and many other sites.
    • Music - If you are a content creator or a Video Blogger in YouTube then you know the consequences about using music which is not allowed to use for business purposes or for monetizing purposes, we extremely advise to avoid copying music as much as possible better build your own or find people know how to do it for you.
    • Videos - This is the same thoughts or explanation in music so if you want to use a video make sure it allows you also to embed from your site and try not to claim it as your own or face the consequences.
  • Files - Yes, files are also the important thing when building content, so, for example, you are going to build content with a PDF course which is not yours then this could also penalize your site.

On-Page SEO - This is the next thing you need to do when you are done building your content, if you are using a WordPress (CMS) then you know the popular plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO, this will help you improve your On-Page-SEO, Meta Tags is the key factor when doing OPS, and make sure that your keyword is right into your Title, Permalink, and Description.

What are Meta Tags?

This is the technical term used for SEO that describes your blog post or page from your website which also appears on Search Engine snippets, this way search engines can identify what is your pages all about.

Link Building - This is also one of the important parts of SEO, basically it helps you get a high value on the search engines, let's say you have a blog post about “Best Microphone for Home Recording Studio and Vlog” and someone is also making a content which is related to your blog post and they use your blog as reference wherein they put your blog post link to their content and link it back you then this is the form of link building there are other types of this but this is the very basic or quick overview about link building.

Social Media Bookmarking - In this generation social media becomes one of the tools used for digital marketing to boost their website, so if you have a website make sure that you have created or publishing your website on the top popular social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

This way people are aware that you have your interesting blog or you have a business site that people are looking for their needs or they are looking for services which are you also offer, social media is also a platform used to target your potential visitors or customers.

Social Media like Facebook can now create a campaign wherein you can also boost your website to gain organic traffic but if you can't afford to do a campaign we suggest building a good and high-quality content that will surely get you organic traffic.

Website Speed

If you are a webmaster you must already know about the importance of having a good website with the faster loading speed, in that case it will reduce the bounce rate of your website, and of course, you will then make your website improve the SEO ranking.

Reasons why a website needs to load faster?

Will google announce this on their new algorithms, and think about it as a user, then try to access your website from a different platform and make some conclusion if this website really deserves to rank, again if I am the user and your website is very slow, the tendency is I might really leave your site, because everyday people looking for an answer and there are billions of website that provide that, so you must act now if you want to rank your website on the first page.

So that is the importance of SEO in the world of blogging, business and many more, PH Directories will tackle more other tips and tricks about SEO because we are also hungry on learning more about SEO that is why we build this content for you, next we are going to tackle about what tools are good for improving your website and many more.

There are so many tools that you can use to examine and identify what are the things you need to improve and what is the blog post that gives you higher traffic, this way you can focus on what user really loves your website or business. On this site, we are going to give more SEO tips and tricks that will help you start your own journey in this field because SE algorithms are always emerging and evolving and website and other business needs this skills to stay alive on the online world.

What Is Keyword Validation?

If you have your own listed keyword from a spreadsheet you should always make validate on that keyword by using free tools from Google so you can identify the final keyword list you choose if this is useful for you or not, you can see on that tools if this certain keyword has a higher search volume than the others.

Google Trend

This is the tools I am talking about when you are going to validate a keyword, you can check 5 keywords and decide which one of them is best for you to start writing your article, of course, you will get rid for that keyword that doesn't really help you that much to rank up on the Search Engine.

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