Ixia Mobile Legends Guide, Best Build, Emblem, Items and, Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Ixia Mobile Legends Guide, Best Build, Emblem, Items and, Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Full In-depth IXIA Guide With Screenshot

Ixia the new marksman in the world of dawn is here, (during the writing of this article the marksman hero Ixia is currently available to play in Advance Server). The Release date of Ixia is said to be this coming July 8, 2023, and you can test his skills, ability, and weakness in the Advance server so that you know how to counter and use this new hero Ixia.

This new hero coming soon released this July 8, will be the Burst type marksman, if you are planning to have this hero then save your battle points as this might be the best time to get this new hero and dominate the land of dawn together with your teammate.

Ixia Guide or Skills Understanding

This part will be updated once we get the full potential of this hero after the release of IXIA, take note that we will also give you a full-depth Ixia guide, best build, and more if you want we have other interesting in-depth just like Gatotkaca and or Belerick just in case you want a Tanky hero.

Arc Siphon – Passive Ability

Ixia’s Basic Attacks and Skills apply a stack of Arc Charge to enemies on hit. Once she lands a Basic Attack on an enemy with two stacks of Arc Charge, it triggers Arc Siphon, causing Physical Damage and decreasing the target’s Movement Speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds. When the target is a hero, Ixia regains HP equivalent to the damage inflicted.

Dual Arc - 1st Skill Ability

Ixia summoned two radiant Arclight beams, directed with precision toward the chosen path (basically this skill is her burst damage skill, which you can use to poke an enemy hero) take note that this skill will let you drag in a specific direction. These beams possess immense power, causing substantial physical damage to all adversaries within a rectangular region. However, the true brilliance lies in Ixia's agility and cunning. When either beam connects with an enemy hero, Ixia's movements quicken, granting her an extraordinary 40% boost in speed for a duration of 3 seconds. But there's more. For those unfortunate enough to be struck by both beams, a wave of intensified devastation awaits, as they suffer a devastating double dose of damage. Witness the symphony of light and destruction as Ixia's mastery of the Arclight beams becomes the bane of her foes.

Arc Helix - 2nd Skill Ability

Ixia unleashes the might of an Arc energy canister, swiftly deploying it toward the intended direction. With a short delay, the canister magnetically compels adversaries towards its core, aligning them along a central trajectory while inflicting significant Physical Damage.

Arclight Barrage - 3rd Ultimate Skill Ability

Xia possesses a remarkable passive skill that bestows her with a gradual boost in Movement Speed while she remains untangled in the heat of combat. However, this empowering effect swiftly dissipates as she becomes embroiled in the battle.

The active facet of her skillset unfolds as Ixia ingeniously dismantles her cannons, breaking them down into six smaller yet potent weapons. This transformative process propels her into a state known as the Barrage, unfurling its might for a limited span of 5 seconds.

During this mesmerizing period, the Barrage state empowers Ixia's abilities by extending their reach, albeit within the confines of a fan-shaped area. With finesse, she orchestrates her Basic Attacks, which can vanquish up to 6 enemy units with an inclination towards enemy heroes. In addition, her Arc Siphon surges with an amplified might, inflicting a staggering 80 additional points of damage upon her adversaries.

Ixia Spell Recommendation

Flicker New Hero Ixia Hero Build Guide Spell Marksman Season 29 MLBB

Based on my own experience this marksman hero is low in mobility, especially when you do Ultimate in Fan shape, which she can't move while doing ultimate skills, that is why I recommend you to use Flicker, since assassin and hero like Chou will able to reach her position easily, to avoid this situation you can use this spell for instant change of position in case there is a surprise attack behind you.

There are other reasons why I believe Flicker is the best choice for Ixia. For example, when casting her Ultimate, this hero cannot move for the duration of the skill. In such cases, Flicker can be extremely useful. Additionally, when using her Ultimate in fan mode, you can use Flicker as an emergency escape tool in case an assassin or a hero with a dash ability tries to target you from behind.

It is important to note that this hero is vulnerable when attacked from the back, so caution is advised. If an unexpected situation occurs, I recommend canceling your ultimate by pressing the ultimate button again.

Best Skills Combo of Ixia in Mobile Legends

For her combo there are so many ways to maximize Ixia ability, so this new marksman Ixia build guide with skills combo is useful, as I mentioned that critical build is best for her, and also I suggest you follow this skills combo below:

  • Ultimate first and make sure you point it out to where the enemy crowd is, then use the CC skills
  • After you cast her ultimate, immediately cast the CC which is her second skill, this helps your teammate buy some time since the enemy can't do it for a short period of time, and when more than 1 hero hit the seconds skill they will drag in the middle, then you can do basic attack to attack them all while in ultimate mode.
  • The first skill is useful in case there are other enemy heroes left with low HP it will help you to shut down the enemy. For the early games her first skill is what I suggest you unlock first then next is her 2nd skill, then 1st skill, whenever Ultimate is available just always prioritize upgrading her Ulti.

Ixia Best Build Recommendation and Situational Items

There are so many ways for you to utilize the ability of this hero (this includes the best build for her though the items still depend in the situation, also I think critic is best for her), that is why during our testing the most popular "Ixia Build" is a critical build, so you can use Swift Boots for movement speed, then proceed to core critic items, I suggest you prioritize first the Scarlet Phantom item, then add some additional speed like Windtalker, then the rest depends on a situation, we will update this guide from time to time according to the newest meta, including emblem and more.

Best Lane Tips To Overcome Assassin

Try to avoid solo learning as you become an easy target. Since I have already mentioned that this hero has very poor mobility, it's advisable to stick with your tank and participate in team fights. During these fights, maintain a safe distance and be cautious of unexpected heroes like Gatotkaca, who can easily trap you, especially if they are aware that your Flicker spell is on cooldown.

Also if you are a solo player and you think you can't handle the lane try to request support from your tank or other teams to get at least 1 core item, or if you can't really handle it, especially when there are an organized team, or aggressive enemy that always gank you, in that case, avoid going deep far from your tower, or request a change lane.

Overall Ixia is good just pay attention that she has poor mobility and that you will always be the favorite target of Assassin and other enemy heroes who have the ability to dash.

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