How To Center Turnstile Captcha in Elementor or Other WordPress Site Builder

Hello and welcome to this blog, now this problem was my first concern when we first integrated TURNSTILE CAPTCHA, and it is a good thing because your problem with "How to center Turnstile Captcha" will be solved here using Only a simple short CSS, just follow how you can do it yourself with Bryan Granse Devs solution. here is the video below:

The CSS Code will look like this below: {
    display: block;
    text-align: center;

The code above will make the Captcha element from Cloudflare into center mode, first, we need to identify what class is use, so you need to right-click the captcha element then locate the main div, and then the class being used by that Captcha. Then a selector of CSS should look like that above, if you still have issues or can't solve the problem please let us know or comment on Bryan Granse's Devs video.

There are so many reasons why other people started to use this captcha though there are other tools that you can use to prevent your site from spam bots that will attack your contact form or any other forms embedded to your site, the popular one is Google Recaptcha, but base on our experience we still get spam even using google recaptcha so we try this Cloudflare tool.

If you have any questions about how to implement recaptcha or how you can integrate site we will make other tutorials from Bryan Granse Devs YT channel, btw that channel is connected to Kazukiyan Official which is also the owner of this site, BGD channel is for Development or tutorial about websites and more.

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