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Kazukiyan is a place to get updated about trending topics, technology, travel guide tips and tricks, sports, tutorial or how to make money online, business, and much more important topic.

Kazukiyan is a name created when I was college and I use this name as a codename to get my grade posted in a bulleting board, until then this name was use for blogging and even in my YouTube Channel.

I decided to use this for my official blog site in different topics that I think its useful for me and you, now if you want to learn so many things from latest smartphones, trending topics around the world, news, entertainment, and even tutorial how to fix or how to make money online we will all tackle that here.

I also wanted to make this website as my personal life experience, opinion, point of view of what I think, and feel. This will be my diary online, document all the things I learn in life, the things that might help future generation, this domain KAZUKIYAN is created dated May 15, 2023 around 1:00AM here in PH.

Why You Write Article in Multi-Niche?

As a freelancer, and a web developer with SEO experience for more than 7 years, I've been trying to explore things in writing good article, I have so many blog site which I end-up not giving time to each of it because of personal reason in life, as well as my work nature which is graveyard.

I decided to make all my content that I personally created merge together and decided to make it a Multi-Niche from Tutorial, Programming, News, Travel, and More, this is because I want to share my knowledge and post it online, especially if I want to use the knowledge that I had, I will simply visit my blog and search for it.

As a developer it is also important to document the programming solution or the code that I use to solve a particular problem, or even some tools that needs time to study, which I will be posting it here, 5 years from now I will look forward to see my blog visits by so many people looking for answers, and I love helping people, that is why this blog is for everyone.

If you look this website please don't forget to bookmark this website by hitting the Star icon at the top right corner of the browser that is in the right corner of address bar.

Soon I will also share my experience in making blog, and also SEO stuff that I am pretty sure its worth it and useful.

What is Kazukiyan Official Website?

Kazukiyan Official website is only this one, you can explore our website in this link www.kazukiyan.com, note that there are no other sub domain since all of our blog post in other blogs we have is all merge here, so you can use our contact us information to reach us for Website Design, Mockup Design Using Figma or Adobe XD, On-Page SEO full in-depth, Website Speed Optimization, and blogs.

This official website of Kazukiyan is created since me and my wife decided to create a all-in-one blog from Gaming, Tutorials, Tech Stuff, Digital Services and more. so if you find any other site similar to this website we have here that is not ours, you can also reach us on our official YouTube channel comment us and we will always response to your comment.

This is a website to document all the things we learn online, works we have, and what are the things that we think its important to us and probably helpful to you, please read also our Privacy Policy.

Who Is The Owner of Kazukiyan?

The owner of this website is a happy married couple in the Philippines, they are both graduated in a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, they have common hobby, the wife loves to cook and play games, so this is also the reason the KAZUKIYAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel is created, and then the blog is created by the husband which also love to explore things especially he learn so much in Search Engine Optimization SEO, they both love writing articles most especially about the skills they both acquired, they work online as freelancer and do website design and more.

Riza Mayumi G.

Riza Mayumi is a graduate of BS in Information Technology from Davao del Norte State College in Panabo City. She specializes in WordPress website designing and video editing. She is also a loving wife and mother to their son. Riza loves creating gameplay videos of Mobile Legends, which is the main reason why the Kazukiyan Official YouTube channel was created, due to his interest in gaming world as well as editing game highlights and tutorials, while his husband is also working with the content in their website here.

Riza aims to make their website more reliable and a good place to gather fruitful information in technology, travel, SEO, and more.

Bryan G.

Bryan is a Web Developer and SEO Expert, he is also a graduate of BS in Information Technology, he was a main developer during his capstone thesis in college at Davao del Norte State college where he develop Interactive CAI for Francisco Adlaon Learning Institute, the goal of their thesis is to make teachers create a quiz or exam online and let students take quiz with a timer, and student also submit assignments or files to their teacher, they can also play interactive games mainly in Biology subject.

He was started working as Freelance since 2014 and have a stable work at 2015 where he works in a team project, currently he is a main developer of a company in New Orleans where they make services from Mockup using Figma and Adobe XD, while working he is working with this site for blog content and SEO services.

He love's to do tech stuff as well as documenting thanks he learns in solving problems while working as a web developer.

Kazukiyan Services

Yes, aside from having a blog, we also accept services and we do have a physical office that we cate such as building websites from Mockup to Live WordPress website, System Development for Capstone, Graphics Design, Facebook Boost and Management, SEO services.

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