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Full In-depth BELERICK Guide With Screenshot

Belerick is the most recommended tank in the world of dawn, he was once called a Nature's Child but now evolved as an adult Guard of Nature. if you are looking for a complete road to mythic glory or mythic Belerick guide tips, best build, playstyle, and emblem ideas then you are in a right place. Here we will give you an in-depth helpful guide on how to master this tank hero in Mobile Legends.

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Let us discuss first what kind of abilities Belerick has, as you know he is known as Crowd Control, and Regeneration hero, and a pure tank with a Healing ability which is a plus and a huge help when using this hero. Take note that at first, you might see this as a weak hero since it is pretty obvious that he is a slow-moving tank but no worries monsoon even gives him an ability that provides him to run faster in a short period of time.

Belerick Guide or Skills Understanding

Belerick is using 3 Active Skills plus his 1 Passive Skill which is one of the reasons why you should pick and master this tank, if you want to become a pro player you should learn first the very basics of his ability from skills and the perfect timing of belericks build as well as an emblem to utilize the full potential of this heavy-duty hero in MLBB (lol).

This guide of Mobile Legends Hero will be updated from time to time depending on a new update, meta, and so on, so stay tuned and always continue reading the article as we tackle this tank hero and slowly understand how this crowd control hero works.

Deadly Thorns - Passive Ability

When Belerick gains a total of 50 damage, there is a 25% chance the deadly thorns passive can inflict and shoot whatever hero is near him, this passive will deal Magic Damage which is equal to 55(+5* every Hero Level) and also gets a 1.8% of his Max HP (scales with level). Remember that for every 50 damage you get from the enemy the passive will only trigger for around 0.4 seconds, and his additional HP obtained from equipment like Guardian Helmet or any other equipment that adds HP will help him increase up to 30%.

This is a perfect passive ability for him since he is slow when walking but you can get used to it, no worries though because it has also abilities that can run faster in a short amount of time. to be honest that passive ability is the main reason belerick can destroy his opponent even the core hero enemy. I suggest you get an item that enhances or increases his HP, and a Blade Armor to make it scarier in a surprise attack.

This is (belerick guide to understand his passive inorder for you to utlize this ability, as well as when to strike, back, assist and so on) passive ability that can only be triggered when he receives damage from the enemy.

Ancient Seed - 1st Skill Ability

Random vines will emit dealing damage of 200 or an additional +50% Total Magic Power which means magic damage thrown to the enemy, these vines will damage an enemy near him, and will the enemy will also gain a Slow Effect by 25%. Meanwhile, it also adds another effect which leaves a so-called Ancient Seed in the path then by 1 second, the Ancient Seed will provide damage to the enemy same damage effect above, and taunt them for around 1.2 seconds when hit by an enemy hero. So for minions, this skill will deal a total of 80% extra damage.

The taunt part is what I like since the enemy will force you to face you instead of your teammate that is being attacked, this is useful in a team fight since this hero is totally a crowd control hero like other tanks such as Gatotkaca or Fredrinn. You can use his first skill to spam in minions since it helps you clear faster in a lane, this is also useful when you an enemy is trying to escape as it adds a 25% slow effect to the enemy (but make sure you hit the enemy right).

Nature's Strike - 2nd Skill Ability

When cast Belerick will get a total of 80% additional movement speed, plus strengthen his basic attack (wait there's more), when active you will see a green light on Belerick's hand which determines an enhanced basic attack. The enhanced basic attack will give him 300 damage or +60% Total Magic Power which throws into the enemy as Magic Damage. This enhanced basic attack will also slow the enemy or minions for around 1.4 seconds, as well as help him Regenerate HP equal to 240 plus (10% of his lost HP). So, let's say you have 500 HP and you lost 400 HP when using this skill will restore 10% of your 400 HP that is being lost in a battle.

Now the best part is here, well as I tell you above this article, that belerick has some issues when walking (lol), so this ability will help him get an extra speed up in a short amount of time. My favorite part also is the regeneration which works on any target, like minions, enemies, and even the tower or base of the enemy, you will totally gain additional damage.

Sometimes I use his second skill to chase an enemy, or to run when nearly dead due to low HP, but then again use this to gain additional damage, but in a tight situation better use it as an escape ability.

Wrath of Dryad - 3rd Ultimate Skill Ability

This is the main ultimate skill of belerick that unlocks after you reach level 4, when casting this skill make sure you are in the middle of the enemy to root them, so his skill will release vines around him and 100 Magic Damage ( +30% Total Magic Power) in the area 4 times around him and again Taunting them for 1.5 seconds.

Do not hesitate to use his ultimate if needed, since it has a 10% recovery + 40% damage reduction, best when there is a surprise team fight this is pretty useful for crowd control and will help your teammate win the team fight.

So that is all about his skills now let's proceed on how you can utilize his skills in a battle, also what we called BELERICK Skills Combo.

Best Skills Combo of Belerick in Mobile Legends

It is easy for you to familiarize the skill combo of this tank, since it only has 3 skills, just remember that it has a great passive that is also helpful as a tank user. so below is a quick list to do skills right in a game.

  • During the early game, if you are still at Level 1 - just simply activate and choose first his 1st skill (Ancient Seed), this will help you to slow the enemy and help your core or other team slow the enemy and also gain damage when clearing minions.
  • Now next thing you activate is his 2nd skill (at level 2) when there is an available upgrade for you to choose from.
  • After that when you reach level 3 just upgrade your 1st skill, then at level 4 choose the level 4 skills or your ultimate, remember that every time there is an available upgrade of your ultimate skill just upgrade it right away as you need it the most in terms of a team fight or even 1v1 situation.
  • If you are in a low HP activate your 2nd skill then hit any unit like Tower, Minions, or enemy hero, this will help you increase your HP.

Belerick Guide for Best Emblem and Spell for a Tanky Hero in MLBB

Just want to give you a quick understanding that Belerick is good as a roamer or even an offline, for those who don't have ideas about this kind of term see the list below.

  • Offlane - usually on the hardest lane where it is a lane common in a top lane and this is a safe lane for the enemy where you can expect a surprise gank or the unexpected support of enemies. This lane is also good for this tank hero (Belerick) in Mobile legends.
  • Roam - Yes you can also be a roamer where you are going to visit other teammates' lanes to provide support especially if your teammate having a hard time defending the lane.


Belerick Emblem Guide Set - Android Games Metaverse

Belerick Emblem Setup - AndroidGamesMetaverse

It's always best to pick Belerick Emblem as a tank since you need to sustain your HP in a fight and the screenshot above (the image above is owned by Android Games Metverse) is what you are going to follow.

  • Firmness - Complete this one into level 3 to get an additional +12 physical defense, you need it for fighters or any hero that throws physical damage.
  • Inspire - Give a hero a +8.00% cooldown reduction, which helps you get more easy access to your main skills, especially in a tough situation.
  • Concussive Blast - You will gain a 125 (+ 7% Total HP) Magic Damage to any nearby enemy 1 second after the next basic attack, and it will trigger after the cooldown duration of 15 seconds. This one is suited to any Tank hero with magic damage, like Gatot, Esmeraldo, and son.

Above is an actual gameplay practice of belerick using our own phone, we play the game in AI mode so that you know how to actually use him in a real battle, take note that is best if you are going to roam, offlane, or support your marksman if needed or your core in case the enemy invade the jungle area.


belerick spell guide - vengeance highly recommend (AndroidGamesMetaverse)

Vengeance - (Highly Recommended For Counter Damage)

For Spell, I highly recommend always using Vengeance, if you can see on the official website of mobile legends they recommend Petrify and Flicker, but according to some players that we interview especially those main hero users of Belerick, they use vengeance as always and they got to reach into mythic 100%, that is why this spell is fit for this hero.

When activating this spell there is a blue circle that surrounds the hero and for the next 3 seconds after the hero receives damage that deals 50 + 25% Magic Damage back to the enemy that is attacking you, as it also gives you a 35% Damage Reduction during the period of time of using this spell.

I see other player using Flicker, well, it also makes sense because as I mentioned above that this hero has a slow movement speed, which is why sometimes when you are going to set in a team fight there is a possibility that you might fail, but when you have a flicker you can automatically use it to set in the middle of team fight while activating your ultimate.

There are other ways to paly this hero but in my own experience and based on some main users of this hero they often use vengeance, trust me you will reach mythic or mythic glory using a vengeance spell, but it still depends on your choice.

Belerick Best Build Recommendation and Situational Items

When we talk about the best build of belerick in Mobile Legends, new user or player of the game always think about what is the best build for this tank, though there is some recommended item build in the game interface, you might want to consult other player accounts in the game interface to see their build and go watch live, so that you have ideas about how they play or even find some information in YouTube or even here in our website, so now I will give you some item build that this player we interview always use, (spoiler alert she is a girl), you might think its a joke but yes there is some ML player girl who is using belerick. Why? because this hero is easy to use and easy to understand skills, just understand how his skills and passive works and you are good to go.

Best Build List

Best Builds for Belerick in MLBB - Android Games Metaverse

Taugh Boots - It has a unique Passive - Dire Hit: The next attack you throw to the enemy heroes that have below 35% HP will dealt 7-18% of their MAX HP as extra Hybrid Damage (half Magic and half Physical). (You can add roam boots I prefer t

Roam Boots - Passive Encouragement - MLBB Belerick Guide (Android Games Metraverse)

During the start of the game, just go to the shop, and under the movement tap on the left-side tap roam, and select the Passive Encourage this is a team enhancement that grants any nearby teammate including your hero a 12-30 extra Physical Attack and Magic Power as well as 15% extra attack speed, you can read the description intended for this roam in a screenshot provided above.

Curse Helmet - You can swap or change this item to Guardian Helmet, but if you think you don't need to swap you can leave it as it is, since this item is good for clearing lanes, it has a burning soul effect that deals 0.8% Magic Damage to any enemies MAX HP who is near him, it also grants damage to minions 210% to 350% (which also scale via your heroes level that is using this item).

Dominance Ice - This is also one of Belerick's core items, which reduces all the enemies' HP Regen by 50% and attack speed reduce by 30%, best suited if you have enemies like Zilong and other heroes which depends on their attack speed ability. If you think you don't need this item, you can swap it for an Oracle item, which is also best for this hero, since it provides 30% HP regen plus a shield (You might need to use also the Guardian Helmet, why? because HP regen forever is real and you don't need to keep going back on your base just to restore your health).

Athena Shield - The best item to prioritize just in case you have an opponent which depends on Magic Damage like gusion, or any other Magic Heroes, this is a situational build as you can also swap it to an Immortality item, but if you think the enemy got a higher Magic Advantage to go for this item.

Blade Armor - Another main core item of belerick that compliments the vengeance speel, what this does is reduce critical damage, plus bounce back the damage and slow the enemy, you can read the information of this skill inside the game interface, it best item against fighter and marksman like Moscov.

On that screenshot it is provided by a gamer who also own "Kazukiyan Gamer on YouTube Channel" so I suggest you check her channel, now, any of the builds above is good so here is the situation.

Battle Situation #1

If you face an enemy with so many tanks and fighters go for main core Dominance Ice, and Blade Armor as well as the Oracle. You can also add the Immortality or the Antique Cuirass item for physical defense since most of the time there are some heroes in the game that relies on Physical damage.

Battle Situation #2

If you think the enemy has a higher magic damage dealer then prioritize the Athena Shield and the Radiant Armor.

Belerick Tips When Playing Starting Of The Game Guide

During the first 2 to 5 minutes focus on assisting your team and avoid clashing don't be greedy, and always think of yourself as a savior of your teammate, your aim is to support them and defend them when needed. It is a simple job that you need to execute correctly, so don't after with kills, try to roam if possible, focus on MAP, and roam to any blindspot area like bushes or any corner that is possible of gank.

The early game of Belerick is tough so you will expect him to become good enough to play during mid and late games since this hero relies mostly on his HP and other main core items.

Don't worry about struggling in the first game, just focus on your goal by assisting teammates in clearing lanes, supporting the team that needs your help, and spam your first slow enemy this will also help your teammate gain more trust in you. As a tank user you will be the one to initiate open team fights so perfect SET and proper skill casting is crucial, also don't hesitate to use your Ultimate, since it is easy to access because of the low cooldown.

Best Teammates and Weakness Heroes of Belerick in Mobile Legends

Best Team Mates:

Healer heroes like RAFAELA are the best combination since this hero will help him sustain a team fight, also this support helps him heal and slow the enemy, that way Belerick skills can be cast perfectly to the enemy.

During my gameplay using Belerick, I also found out that when you know someone playing well the hero MIYA then is the best teammate for you, since MIYA have a frozen ability that will enable Belerick to chase the enemy right away and taunt them so that MIYA can get a 100% kill score to the enemy and at the same time you can push effectively.

Additional Belerick Guide Tips: for those who are wanted to try and experiment with this hero, you can also test the HIGH HP and Magic Lifestyle with the following build item;
  • Tough Boots - Dire Hit
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Thunder Belt
  • Blade Armor
  • Guardian Helmet

Best Counter or Enemy To Avoid:

It is hard to accept but you will struggle in a game when you encounter the hero GUSION and lancelot as well as Kimmy, since the passive will not sustain as you know Gusion has this very fast speed skills, especially for those pro users of Gusion, so try to avoid these hero as much as possible.

I know there are so many heroes to list, but so far this is my findings with this hero, don't worry I will add more important details here since I am going to get in touch with some users especially if there are changes to this hero like buff, or nerf, or even a new meta will rise, as you know Moonton keep updating their games and we never know what lies ahead (lol), thank you for your time on reading this article and have a good time.

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