Gatotkaca Mobile Legends Best Build, Guide, Emblem, Items and, Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Gatotkaca or Gatot (probably a nickname being called by players) is one of the Tank/Fighter in Mobile Legends, here we are going to tackle the in-depth Gatotkaca Best Build, Skills, Combo, and strategy in terms of playing this hero.

Now, if you are asking if this hero can bring you into the Mythic or Mythic Glory, well, my answer is 100% YES! Why? because Gatot can really excel in a different role, so basically you can give him a build for a pure tank, a build for a fighter, or both as a hybrid hero in the world of Dawn.

Gatotkaca Build Guide from Beginners to Pro

Before a pro player become a good gamer, they started as a beginner like us or any other newbie who wants to learn a new hero, as part of the game there are heroes that you know nothing about yet or don't know the advantage and disadvantages of that specific hero in mobile legends, so I suggest if you want to know how to counter other heroes, why not try them yourself so you know when is the time to strike the enemy base on the CC of their skills and you will also learn the exact skill cooldown time of that heroes and that knowledge will be useful as your weapon to defeat the enemy.

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For me, Gatot is good in 3 Different ways, and that is PURE TANK, PURE FIGHTER, and HYBRID. If you wanted to have The Best Gatotkaca Build Guide then you need to think first if you are going to use him as a tank, fighter, or hybrid for both paths, now what I mean by hybrid is a build for both fighter and tank.

Gatotkaca TANK Build

In most cases I always build Gatot as a pure Tank, this is because Gatotkaca can still deal huge damage to an enemy, that is because of the passive ability that helps him keep up in a battle. Make sure that you start getting the Tough Boots as this will reduce the time controlled, in case you have so many CC enemies, but then you can try to explore other boots these are the boots I often use when using this hero in a rank game or classic battle.

Gatotkaca Pure Fighter Build

Most of the time, Gatotkaca is also known as a tough fighter, and yes you build a fighter item for him, this will totally maximize the passive of Gatot, I think I use this kind of build in case you already have a tank in your team, I suggest you use this as gatot will really excel in a team fight. If you choose this path, make sure you are in the XP lane rather than roaming so that you can have early access to his ultimate. 

Still, the same movement speed item at first which is the tough boots, or you can get basic boots first and then prioritize your first core items before completing the Tough Boots.


If you are wondering if you can use this kind of build, my answer is 100% YES, I suggest you do the tanky type with HP regen and counter-attack item that way you have a long chance of survivability in a team fight. there are 2 items that are my main favorite for defense and that is Oracle, Guardian Help, and Dominance Ice or Immortality.

For Guardian Helmet, I use this item in case there is a hero like Zilong this will help you a lot, so if you see a Zilong go for this item.

Gatotkaca Best Item Build You Can Choose

I would suggest considering any of the items that I will be mentioning shortly. You have the freedom to choose whichever item you believe is necessary since the selection ultimately depends on the situation you are in. Therefore, it is crucial to select an item that you think will be most effective against the enemy you are currently facing.

List of items that you can pick for Gatotkaca

  • Radiant Armor
  • Immortality
  • Dominance Ice
  • Athena Shield
  • Oracle
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Guardian Helmet
  • Blade Armor
  • Movement Speed + Reduce Time Control: Tough Boots
  • Roaming: Passive Encourage

For most of my gameplay I use this roaming "PASSIVE - Encourage", Gatotkaca Roaming path has been a popular strategy among Mobile Legends players, and it's only getting better with the latest update. By using items like Courage Mask and Queen's Wings, players can now add damage and attack speed to their roaming strategy, making Gatotkaca even more formidable on the battlefield. This new approach to Gatotkaca Roaming has already started to take shape in the game's meta, with many players opting for this unique build that allows for both support and damage dealing. So, if you're looking for a fresh take on Mobile Legends, try out Gatotkaca Roaming with these new items and see how it can enhance your gameplay experience.

The item I check or mark as a red arrow in a screenshot I provided above, is the most common item I use when using Gatot, but always try to do the Tough Boots first then you can choose that item above.

Take note that the above list of items is recommended so you can choose anything you feel is usable to counter your enemy.

Situational Best Build Tips or Guide for Gatotkaca User

Life Stealer Enemy

When there is a tough life-stealer hero like Dyrotth or Alucard, you can try to build the two items which are Blade Armor + Dominance Ice, and use Vengeance as your Spell.
For Gatotkaca Spell I use this, and it is really effective in any path you choose, also for Gatotkaca Emblem, you can choose a Physical, Tank, Fighter.
I will update this article once I gather all the important screenshots for you guys, so you can easily switch to any Battle Spell or Emblem that is perfect for this Tank / Fighter Hero.

For Magic User Enemy

Try to combine Athena's shield + Radiant Armor / Curse Helment with Oracle + Blade Armor, this will help you reduce magic damage, it is also recommended to use especially if there are more than two (2) magic users in your enemy.

Tips for Gatotkaca Easy Life and No Need To Go Back in Base

I know this is common, but I do believe that new users of Gatot, don't know it yet or not using this item, during the first second of the game, but the item basic boots, then priority the Guardian Helmet, this item will help you restore HP.

Unique Passive: (Recovery) Regenerates 2.5% Max HP per second (reduced to 0.5% Max HP per second over 5s after taking damage).

This item Guardian Helmet will help you restore HP in no time when you did not hit or gain damage from the enemy, which is very useful for surprise attacks, this is also effective if you choose the tank build path.

I think so far the most annoying hero to avoid is KIMMY as a Gatot user this marksman is annoying, your ultimate is not really effective to this enemy, because this marksman has a skill that can dash in any direction, plus magic damage, and can attack while walking lol.

My solution to this kind of hero is to wait for good timing, for example, if Kimmy already uses her dash, then that's the time you can use your ultimate and then 2nd skill to force the enemy to attack you, this way your passive skill will increase and the higher the red passive skill signal below your HP rise, the higher the damage output gatot can cast to the enemy.

Understand Gatotkaca Skills + Combo Tips

For a new user who wanted to master this hero, you should always remember how or when you can utilize his passive so that you can effectively maximize the capability of this Tank/Fighter hero in mobile legends.

Gatotkaca is so easy to use and can survive even if he is solo, with the help of this basic understanding you can really be a pro and reach a mythic glory, well, to be honest, this is the first hero I use and reach Mythic rank.

1st Skill: Blast Iron Fist

Gatotkaca slams the ground, creating a shattered zone in the target direction while dealing 200( +150% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) to enemies within. Enemies in the shattered zone will take 100( +20% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) per second and be slowed by 30%.

- During the early game, I prefer selecting this skill, as it allows for constant harassment of the enemy team and effortless clearing of minions in the lane. It's worth noting that this skill deals with Magic Damage, as indicated by the stats mentioned earlier.

2nd Skill: Unbreakable

Gatotkaca begins channeling, then sprints in the target direction with a battle cry, forcing enemies on the path to attack him and deal 200( +100% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) for 1.5s. The sprint distance scales with the channel time. Canceling the Skill reduces 50% of the remaining Cooldown.

- Gatotkaca's second skill is particularly valuable in the mid to late-game stages, as it optimizes his passive ability. It can be used to ambush and eliminate unsuspecting enemies while forcing them to focus their attacks on Gatotkaca for 1.5 seconds, which is a useful tactic. This skill is often used after casting Gatotkaca's ultimate, followed by the second skill to compel the entire enemy team to attack him.

3rd Skill (Ultimate): Avatar of the Guardian

Gatotkaca jumps to the target location, dealing 500( +300% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) to nearby enemies and knocking them airborne for 1s. Enemies near the center of the area will be knocked airborne for a longer duration, while enemies on the fringes will be pulled to the center. The camera will move with the skill indicator but won't grant extra sight.

- One of the most impressive aspects of Gatotkaca's kit is his ultimate, which allows him to cast enemies over a long distance around the map. To utilize this ability effectively, I usually long-press the ultimate button and drag it to the desired enemy location, waiting for the ideal moment to execute the move. However, it's essential to maintain a high level of map awareness and coordinate well with teammates to ensure unstoppable success.

Passive Ability: Steel Bones

Gatotkaca gains extra Physical Defense by 2% of his lost HP (up to 200). For every 300 damage he received (calculated before damage reduction), he gains 5 Rage (up to 100). Upon reaching over 25 Rage, Gatotkaca's next Basic Attack becomes empowered, consuming all his Rage to deal extra damage and heal him. The extra damage scales with his Rage, Level, and Magic Power.

- In my experience, Gatotkaca's passive skill is the most remarkable aspect of his kit. As he loses more HP, the damage output of his passive ability increases significantly, making it highly effective in both team fights and 1-on-1 situations. Additionally, his physical defense also improves, which is indicated by a red rage indicator located below his HP. The higher the rage, the more damage Gatotkaca can deal to his enemies. By utilizing the perfect combo, optimal build items, and vengeance spell, Gatotkaca can truly shine in any Mobile Legends battle.

Proper Combo of Gatotkaca

There are different ways to use gatot, and it's not that hard to make a combo, in a team fight, just make sure you drag the ulti in the middle of the team fight, then once you are satisfied or sure that you can hit them release the ultimate, then proceed right away in using his 2nd skill which will force the enemy to attack you, and then do the first skill, once your Rage is increase go use it to an enemy with low HP or  priority the enemy with higher damage like marksman etc.

Gatotkaca Best In Hero Like

Gatot is the best hero to pick if there is enemy like Miya, Sun, Balmond, Bruno, Layla, and the newest marksman hero (released July 2023) Ixia.

Weakness Hero or Anti Hero for Gatotkaca

If you are an inspiring player who wanted to master this hero, then I suggest you to take extra careful to any heroes listed below though there are possible ways to avoid damage or being shutdown, it is better to ban or maybe use your own strategic way such as using gatot ultimate properly and more.

Gusion Anti Hero for Gatotkaca - Kazukiyan

Gusion has a burse magic damage that can penetrate Gatotkaca, so I suggest to build magic defense and take extra careful, don't solo in every situation, Gatotkaca is strong with teammate.

Kimmy Anti Hero for Gatotkaca - Kazukiyan

Kimmy is also the annoying one, since this hero also has a slide skill which is the very reason you will need to use your ultimate properly when facing this kind of enemy, as you know once you miss your ultimate to Kimmy then you can't skip his unlimited attack while walking or moving.

Lancelot Anti Hero for Gatotkaca - Kazukiyan

Lancelot is a decent assassin that you will find hard to face as he can poke you without going near to you, its hard also to use your ultimate since she has a 2nd skill that is immune to anything, which is why you need to use it in a good timing, if you know this assassin already used up all his ability to dash and 2nd skill is in cooldown then that's the time you will shine.

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