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Farmville Country Escape Tips and Tricks by Kazukiyan Full Reviews Farm Game

Farmville 2 Country Escape is probably one of the most farm games so far since I started playing this around 2014 up until now here you will learn tips and tricks how to enjoy playing this game, though there is a newly released game which is "Farmville 3" but when I tried to play that game, this will not change the fact that Farmville 2 country escape still the best in my own opinion, aside from having great interaction when playing the game, they always keep updating in terms of the event so you can enjoy playing the game.

For those who want to watch a live stream or video gameplay, you can visit this Facebook Page. Don't forget to like, share, and follow their FB page to get updates. This game can be played offline and online, allowing you to explore the game even more and earn many rewards to boost your farm town.

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There is a so-called Co-Op where you can become a member of the group and help one another accomplish tasks. You can also create your own Co-Op and add your friends as members. The more members, the better, as selling goods in a reciprocal manner can be very helpful, especially for the given tasks. It is also possible to remove members from the Co-Op by kicking them out if the leaders are not happy or if you're unhappy with the members.

There are many things to do in this game. The most exciting part is that you can meet and make friends with other players through this game. Download this game now and become the best farmer in the world. Design your own farm based on your preferences and how you want it to look. Start playing and make friends with players from around the world by helping one another in every task.

Android APK is the installer you can download if you want to share this game from other devices, incase you are in a situation that you can't access Play Store or you don't have data, this is essential, and also this won't work unless you also share the OBB Data of Farmville 2 Country Escape, we will give you some tips how to do it in different blog post, now ensure that you only use legit apps to share your games such as SHARE IT, avoid downloading Farmville 2 Country Escape APK OBB to untrusted website, there are some website that is trusted like "APK Pure" but its better to get this game in Google Play Store, since this is free to play.

Farmville 2 Country Escape is a great game to play for gamers who love farming. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Store for Android users. It is a newly integrated farming game that has gained popularity on social media. The game can be played both offline and online. There are plenty of crops to plant and turn into various products. It is very easy to play and entertaining, especially when you start interacting with other players in the game.

Amazing Features of Farmville 2 Country Escape

If you are looking for a game that will let you decide to build your own dream farm then this game from Zynga, Start farming and grow crops using your Windows PC, iPhone, or Android Device with this cool Farmville 2 Game that you will surely enjoy, here are some great features that you can expect when you start playing this game.

  • Cooperative (Buy Goods, Request, Help)
  • Boat Race (Quest, Craft, and Win Awesome Rewards)
  • Sell Goods (Earn Gold)
  • Updated Events
  • Large Map to Explore


Cooperative Country Escape Tips and Tricks - Kazukiyan
1.1 Board to view the My Coop Member, Create Coop, Search, and View Inbox

Cooperative is mainly one of the most important part of the game, but to do this you need to connect your account via Facebook or Google, in my case I use my own Facebook account or you can use dummy account if you don't want to use your main FB account, this is the only way that you can join a COOP group.

To join the cooperative group or create one you just simply click the board which you can also see above the screenshot we provided, you can't access this one unless you connect your account to FB or Google.

Why It Is Important To Connect or Link my FB or Google Account?

Well, if you really want to enjoy playing the game and fully access the features of this game you need to connect it, but still you can play the game without it, but coop is not accessible, also this will also help you to recover incase you change or use other device.

In Cooperative you can request your team a farm hand, ask for help about your task in a Boat Race, chat with them, ask a certain items you need, sell items exclusive only for Coop, and more.

Buy Goods In The Market

Buy Goods in The Market Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks - Kazukiyan
1.3 buy goods and follow other farm player selling goods

This is one of my favorite part where you can interact with other player by chatting your coop member, request a farm hand, and more, as you can see on the screenshot above there are 4 tabs, and currently showing the tabs where you can Buy Goods, this is where you buy stuff that any other player in different groups are selling, but you have to be quick if you want to be the first to get the items as it has a limit of 5 minutes before the market refreshes.

(1) The number one tab indicated the Coop chat from there you can chat them and request a farm hand.
(2) The number two tab indicates where you can Ask your friends for Speed Seed as well as request them to send it to you.
(3) A tab number three is where you buy goods and will refresh every 5 minutes, you can also follow the seller if you like what he or she sells, so that every time you visit here you will see him/her selling something first before others. to follow him you just basically tap the Heart icon.
(4) This is where you will see all the items sell from your friends and Coop, which means if you have your friend selling or coop member selling, you will be the one to see it first.

View Coop Member Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks - Kazukiyan
1.4 view My Co-op Members, Search Coop, Create Coop, and View inbox

If you click the board near the barn (see screenshot we provided above 1.1) you will see something like that above, so if you already a member the  first tab that says "My Co-op" is the place where you can see all the current members of the Coop your in, if not, you can create your Own Coop, or maybe search a coop to join them. the Inbox is also the place where if someone trying to invite you from their coop. (Note: this is not visible unless you have your farmville 2 connected to the available link account provided by the game).

Is the Game Farmville 2 Country Escape Playable Offline?

Yes, 100% playable offline, you can still play the game offline, farm, craft some goods, but you can do anything like selling or buying goods to other coop member or other players outside your coop, what you can do in offline mode is plant and sell it into Marie's Order board, you can't also do the Country fair, as well as boat race, but you can still have access to Pappys Pond, Merryweather mine, Nick's Knickknacks and Eagle Eye Eddie

Boat Race

Boat Club Races Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks - Kazukiyan
1.5 boat race, you can unlock this in level 33 above and you need to be a member of a Coop

Boat Race or also known in the game as "Boat Club Races" is a weekly competitive event inside the game where you and your Coop member compete to other Coop player in a race, all you need to do is complete the required quest or goal.

When you reach level 33 and above and that you are a member of a COOP then you access this event, this is weekly, so every week there is a competition of this one, just click the house and you will see something similar to the screenshot provided below.

TASK Quest - Boat Club Races Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks - Kazukiyan
1.6 get your own task and complete it to progress your coop in a boat club races

If you are currently a member of a coop and that you are already in before the boat race starts, you can enter the race, and get some task here, now if you are a new member of the Coop and the boat race started, you can't join and get the task, just wait for the current boat club race to finished, and you can join it in.

Ranking of Each Coop - Boat Club Races Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks - Kazukiyan
1.7 we are at ranking 7, here you will see what is your coop current rank in a race

This is where you can see the ranking of your coop, it will only increase once you or your coop member completed the task in screenshot 1.6, it will be added all to here, you can also view the rewards you might get base on the current ranking of your coop, so if you are a competitive player then better complete all of your task then help your coop team to complete their task, they can ask a request in a coop chat.

League Voyage - Boat Club Races Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks - Kazukiyan
1.8 the higher your League Voyage the awesome rewards your coop can get

This League of Voyage is where you can see the current rank of your Coop in a Boat Club Races, here you can see when you click that green icon the ability you can get like, Use prized animal every 4 hours without feed, Number of task and buoy rewards.

How Boat Race works guide - Boat Club Races Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks - Kazukiyan
1.9 Simple guide on what the Boat Club Races works

Here is where you can see a quick guide how to play the game, but the very main thing you need to do here is simply complete the task you choose, and you are good to go, just remain active in every race to gain handsome rewards. 

Sell Goods In The Market

Sell Goods in The Market Farmville 2 Country Escape - Kazukiyan
2.0 Sell your unused goods here and earn gold

This feature in Farmville 2 Country Escape game is useful because you might need to get rid to other items that you don't use anymore, you can sell it here, and other players in different coop can buy it, and you can earn gold, you can sell it exclusive to your co-member in the coop, when you click that one you will see something like this below.

Sell Goods choose items Farmville Country Escape Tips and Tricks by Kazukiyan
2.1 sell goods that you don't use anymore, just tap empty box

As you can see on screenshot 2.1 there are current items that is for sell, it is now visible to the markets and other players and see it, to sell more you can tap the empty box and choose the goods you think you don't want to use anymore, take note that it is not recommended to sell apples here, since apple is easy to get, so this is not sellable goods in the market, if you want to sell your goods exclusive to coop member just tap the empty box choose the goods and then click Co-Op Exclusive (See screenshot 2.2)

Sell Goods Exclusive to Coop - Farmville Country Escape Tips and Tricks by Kazukiyan
2.2 exclusive to Co-Op sell goods

Just check that Co-Op Exclusive checkbox then click SELL NOW to start selling the item for your Co-op Member, make sure you only check this if you want to sell it to your member and that your member requested it, otherwise if you check that and your not a member of any Co-Op that goods will stay in the market forever lol.

Updated Events

Updated Events of Farmville 2 Country Escape - Kazukiyan
2.3 Updated events (Online events)

Though This game released last April 17, 2014, but they still have an updated events which is really cool, this is also the main reason that until now this is the game that I highly recommend if you are just looking for a relaxing farming game, take note that the event will change, and it is only accessible when you are online.

Large Map to Explore

Large Map To Explore Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks - Kazukiyan

If you are playing the game, its better to save keys as having keys in hard to get in this game unless you buy it using real moneys, that is why its good to save it to expand your area buy purchasing it, there are other ways to do it, but it requires a specific level in order for you to buy it using GOLD,

Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks

Below are some quick tips and tricks by Kazukiyan where you will really need to learn to avoid any issues or problem especially when trying to reach your goal in a boat race or just complete your task in specific time.
  1. Never use Keys in Completing Your Task - Keys is the most important currency inside the Farmville 2 country escape, it involves real money if you are out of keys so to save your keys try to avoid using keys in completing your task, that way you can only use it in an important way such as buying buildings like "A whole new World" which cost you 500 keys, this is important to enjoy the newest feature of the game, so save your keys for later.

    Never use keys in task - Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks by Kazukiyan

  2. Collect Free Daily Spins in Ferris wheel -  Every day you will get a chance to spin one free spin in a Ferris wheel, so make sure you check it, just tap that Ferris wheel and spin it to get a random rewards that will help your farm grow.

    Free Spin in a Ferris Wheel Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks by Kazukiyan

    Price Wheel Kazukiyan Farmville 2 Tips and Tricks
Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips and Tricks will be updated from time to time as we currently playing the game we will add more tips here, there are other things that is useful here like water rain and more so stay tune as we explore this game we will share it to you, you can also visit Kazukiyan Official YouTube channel to see gameplay of this.

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